Worcester MA

Little Miss Naisha Almeyda

Naisha Almeyda, 12 years old and is currently in 7th grade. She has been in the modeling industry since she was 5 years old with John Casablancas. She enjoys being in front of the camera and audience. Her hobbies are modeling, singing, listening to music, dancing, and reading. She has been in multiple fashion shows. She is a great student she was awarded the Obama academics certificate for reading and math. Currently she hold the title of Litte Miss Central Mass but she has also hold two previous titles in the pageantry world.

Naisha enjoys being a roll model for kids her age and younger. She believes that sky is the limit and you can achieve whatever you put your mind and heart to it. Naisha role as Little Miss Central Mass is to serve to the community and to serve as a role model to kids her age.

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