Worcester MA

Lexi Woloshchuk

I cannot believe this year is already coming to an end.I have had an amazing time as your miss teen central Massachusetts 2015. This year took me on an incredible journey filled with so many amazing opportunities including glamorous photo shoots, heartwarming charity events and exciting fashion shows. One of my favorite events from this past year was the models against bullying event in which I was apart of the show. Also leading up to my last day with my title, I took part in many photo shoots. Specifically, the one for the cover of this year’s pageant gave me the opportunity to ride horses and as an equestrian, that was undoubtedly my favorite shoot among them all. Everything that I was able to do during my year as your 2015 queen are moments that I will always cherish. I can honestly say that I took advantage of every opportunity that came my way. To the contestants who are vying for my title.I wish you the best of luck!

To my successor.I hope you cherish every moment as I did. Iva, thank you for the chance to represent the state with this amazing title and for all the appearances you made happen.

To my family and friends. I love you alland am so thankful to have had your love and support every step of the way. Jenna, thank you for being my ride to appearances and the absolute best sister queen I could ever ask for. You have made my year one that I can cherish with you forever! I love you queen.

To my other sister queens Kelsey and Kassie. Thank you for always giving me great laughs and fun times during appearances.

To all of the sponsors and peoplethat have helped me get to this pageant and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, Thank you. Specifically,

Thank you Katie boyd for all of your help in getting me into the best mental and physical shape ever and for also helping me with my walking and speaking.

Thank you Neil and Rita at Persona hair salon for all of your help with my hair and makeupyou
always made sure I looked my best. I also want to thank Cori and Bailey for the endless late night talks about walking, interview, and pageant attire.

Mom and Dad, thank you for always making sure that I was competition ready in every way possible! You allowed me to be dressed my best for each and every occasion. I love you both! Nana and Papa, Thank you for the endless love and support. Even on days I wasn’t feeling my best, you made me feel great! I’m proud to say that with the help of so many incredible people, I was able to have a successful year as Miss Central Teen Massachusetts and even make top 5 at Miss Massachusetts Teen USA! I’m excited to see where this new chapter of my life takes me!
Your Miss Teen Central Massachusetts Lexi Woloshchuk

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