Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Here are some answers to some of our FAQ! Any further questions please contact us.

Do I have to have previous pageant experience?

Absolutely not. We encourage first-timers to come experience what our "sisterhood" is all about. Empowering each other, coming together to make a difference in people's lives and our communities. We have optional seminars to assist with pageant training and provide information you will need.

Does my husband have to be at the pageant?

We understand that sometimes it isn't possible to have your husband by your side during competition and it's not a requirement. However, we do encourage our delegates to have their friends and family there to cheer you on as you grace the stage for the first time.

What are the judges looking for in a titleholder?

Overall the judges are looking for someone who is articulate, poised, lives a healthy lifestyle, makes a difference in her community and who would be a positive role model and brand ambassador for the title.

Is it expensive to enter?

It doesn't have to be! We will teach you how to obtain sponsorship which can assist you with the cost of registration, wardrobe and ad pages. In addition, we have a very convenient payment schedule to fit into any budget!

Can I use my own hair and makeup professional?

Due to the lack of space backstage at Mechanics Hall, we must limit how many people are back there. That said, we have an absolutely fantastic hair and makeup team who will be available for all of your beauty needs.

What accommodations are given to the contestants to get ready for the pageant?

At Mechanics Hall there are 2 very large dressing rooms, each with their own bathrooms. Each dressing room has 14 individual makeup stations with its own mirror and lighting. The dressing rooms are equipped with ample space to hang your competition wardrobe on professional-grade garment racks. There is also no need to lug a full-length mirror, several are provided in the dressing rooms as well as before you enter the stage area.

Is there an opening number where I will have to dance?

The opening number is an opportunity to get the crowd involved and get them cheering for their favorite delegate and most importantly, introduce yourself to the judges and the audience for the first time on stage. While there is music and some dance "movements" involved, you do not have to be a dancer. Our choreographer breaks down the movements in easy-to-learn steps and will be sure you feel comfortable before the show.